What is Human-Centric Leadership & How Can You Develop It Within Your Team?

What is Human-Centric Leadership & How Can You Develop It Within Your Team?

The world of work has gone through a complete reawakening in the past few years. With this reawakening, leaders everywhere have realized that being an effective leader is more about understanding your team’s needs as human beings rather than another number on your roster. When your employees feel heard, supported, encouraged, and appreciated, you reap the benefits of an engaged team. You won’t get those same results with the tough love, cut-throat forms of leadership that have reigned king in the past. So, how do you cultivate this shift throughout your entire organization? You implement management training programs that emphasize human-centric leadership methodology. 

With 60% of HR leaders prioritizing leader and manager effectiveness in 2023, if you don’t start to embrace this shift, you’ll start losing your top talent to teams who are.


What is Human-Centric Leadership? 

So, before we talk about the how, you have to fully understand what human-centric leadership actually means. 

Human-centric leadership is putting your people above your business. 

While this may sound counterintuitive for profit, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Studies done by Gallup have proven that when you care about your people and treat them with respect and compassion, they’ll stay with the organization longer, cultivate more profitable customer relationships, and be more productive overall.

An example of a shift to human-centric leadership may be a Director of Sales who is known for berating team members when they don’t meet their quarterly goal. This leader should be taught that instead of coming at them with accusatory, stressful dialogues, they should calmly ask why they didn’t reach the number. Then, address how they can work together to improve next quarter, addressing any professional or personal issues that may have impacted performance in collaboration. 


3 Ways Real-Time Learning Can Help You Develop This Among Your Leadership Teams

While this shift seems simple, there are some managers and leaders who are stuck in their ways and won’t want to change and embrace the human-centric style of leadership. That’s where real-time learning comes in.


Real-Time Learning Teaches Adaptability.

To be a human-centric leader, you need to be able to adapt your management approach to every individual team member. No two people are different, so you can’t manage them in the same exact way and expect the same results.


Real-Time Learning Teaches Effective Communication.

Communication is the heart of empathy. To be able to understand what someone is going through, you need to fully understand how to communicate with them. This is critical when meeting employees where they’re at.


Real-Time Learning Teaches Feedback Integration.

While managers are usually great at dishing out feedback, they may not always be the best at taking it. Real-time learning shares how to receive feedback and implement it effectively, which is important when learning and testing a new management style within your team.


Develop Human-Centric Leadership with NimblyWise Real-Time Learning Solutions

We all want teams who perform at high levels and thrive. And that starts by really seeing your employees and having a management team that is able to be introspective, growth-minded, and able to take feedback to heart.

NimblyWise’s specialty is cultivating real-time learning programs catered towards developing these specific soft skills that superior leaders embody and more. We can work with your management team to customize a management training program focused on human-centric leadership skills that will allow your business to bloom in 2023. Reach out today and let’s chat about how.