These Are the Top In-Demand Skills of 2023: Does Your Team Have Them?

These Are the Top In-Demand Skills of 2023: Does Your Team Have Them?

Happy New Year, friends! At NimblyWise our team is excited to hit the ground running. And part of that is helping our team develop the most in-demand skills of 2023. Now, we have a wildly talented team who are all incredible at their roles. But, regardless of how good they are, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for development. So, each year in our growth plans we have skills to work on based upon the current climate of the global job market. 

Today, we’re sharing a few so you can see if your team has the top in-demand skills of 2023 (and if they don’t, how you can fix that).

6 Soft Skills to Help Your Team Develop in 2023 

Companies are continuing to deal with the pivots and changes that come with remote and hybrid work, as well as the rapid advancement of technology. All the soft skills we’re focusing on in 2023 are uniquely designed to help employees adjust and grow with current workplace influences in mind.

Time Management

With any style of work, time management is critical for success. Even more so when there are distractions like dishes and laundry on the table, literally and figuratively. Similarly, we want our team to rest and understand when it’s time to log off for the day. Working from home or hybrid work scenarios are naturally more challenging for time management and building this skill with effective habits and practices is critical for personal and team-wide success.


Adaptability has been at the top of the in-demand skills charts for years, but especially since the pandemic. And with an impending recession, teams are likely going to have to make changes on the fly and adapt to market conditions throughout the year. Being able to take what is happening, analyze critically, pivot, and implement changes, will continue to be an invaluable skill in today’s world of work.


Now, with this, we’re not just talking about verbal communication. It’s hard to understand the tone or sentiment behind an email, a text, or a Slack message, and it’s easy to jump to negative conclusions. We’re helping our team build open communication channels that ask for clarification to avoid conflict with the ever-growing digital nature of communication we use in our day-to-day operations.

Critical Thinking

It’s no secret that critical thinking is the key to effective problem-solving and creativity. With critical thinking skills, team members are able to take a look at a problem, analyze it, and create a solution that will lead to more profit and success.


When you operate with a growth mindset, you’re constantly curious. The foundation of our real-time learning programs at NimblyWise are all centered in adopting and building a growth mindset that sees every instance as a learning opportunity, and opportunity to find a spark. In a way, it’s a state of constant curiosity.


It’s easy for silos to appear when you’re not working in the same physical space every day. Building collaborative mindset starts with setting team members up for success with weekly thinktank meetings, partnered projects, cross-team monthly strategy sessions, etc. With this, collaborative skills will blossom in practice.

NimblyWise Can Help Your Team Cultivate the Top In-Demand Skills of 2023

Our NimblyWise programs are specifically designed to embolden new skills via real-time learning. Let’s chat about how we can help your team thrive and rise to the top of your industry this year with competitive skills. Reach out now!