Welcome to NimblyWise!

We are Sara Ortins and Mike Sweet, two founders of NimblyWise.

We worked together for over 10 years at Credo Reference – a leading research platform, where Mike was the CEO and Sara was the Director of Human Resources. We had the opportunity to interview, onboard and work alongside hundreds of people. As a result of these experiences, we learned a tremendous amount about hiring, managing and developing people.

When we sold Credo in 2018, we wanted to use our experience to help college students and young professionals make a successful transition to the world of work where they are able to thrive in their roles. This is our vision.

We believe, and our experience has shown us, that people are core to building great businesses and that employees deserve to have meaningful careers. We are proud of the unique culture we built at Credo and experienced first-hand how strong employee engagement translates into business success.

In addition to relying on our experiences, we also systematically interviewed other senior leaders to identify common patterns of behavior key to workplace success and to building great careers. 

Combining our experience with our research, we developed our Real-Time Learning framework that we are eager to share with you.

Our Mission

NimblyWise’s mission is to empower people with the essential skills needed to be successful.

As the world of work changes and becomes increasingly complex, helping people learn how to learn, in real-time, is at the core of all we do.

Real-time learners are adaptable, independent and proactive. With practice and the right mindset, we believe that anyone can develop these key skills as they navigate this modern world of work.

Our Leadership Team

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