NimblyWise L&D Program Aligns AMAROK with Burgeoning Growth

The company is in a period of rapid growth, resulting in company restructuring in the form of internal promotions. This created a critical need for Leadership and Development training to help employees, Subject Matter Experts who may not have had previous leadership skills or experience, transition into their new roles.

With this in mind, NimblyWise worked closely with AMAROK leadership to create a program which facilitated the learning of valuable soft skills and leadership competency, effectively empowering the pilot batch of 30 employees. Said Nikki Huggins, Compliance Director at AMAROK, “We don’t have an internal management program, so it’s beneficial to the company’s growth to have had an official management training [program]. A lot of people who are being promoted don’t have previous management training, so I feel like the better suited they are without ‘trial and error’ and ‘learning as you go’ helps ramp up the team quicker. And for others that have [had management training] in the past, it’s a great refresher to have. ”

She continued, “With every stepping stone that we take to get bigger and larger, we are matching in tools and resources and training. So when they implemented this L&D program, it made me very proud that it was another tool that was being added to our toolbox.”

A majority of the first batch of employees relayed feeling Extremely Satisfied to Satisfied in the post-program feedback survey, stating that they feel more prepared to be an effective leader now versus before the program started, citing the Do It or Delegate It, Learning to Listen, and Applying Real-Time Learning to the Way We Work workshops as ones they found immediate value in.

“A company who will put importance on leaders and developing them is super important in today’s world, especially in a growing company,” shared Melody Moss, Director of Human Resources. “We look forward to pursuing our second group training program later this year.”