Item Difficulty

Definition: The item difficulty uses the percentage of students who got a particular question correct as a measurement of question difficulty. For example: If 85% of students got the question correct, then it is considered a low-difficulty item. If only 38% of students got the question correct, it is considered a high difficulty item. The best practice is to have a common bell curve of difficulty distribution.

How to Find: Within the assessment dashboard, select the course (if applicable) and assessment that you would like to evaluate. On the “View by” filter, select “Questions.”You will see the bar charts of performance percentage and can download those as a CSV file. Remember – the higher the percentage shows that a higher percentage of students got that question correct (meaning a lower difficulty-item) while a lower percentage shows a more difficult question.

Note: This data can also be found on the Summary Statistics tab located on the Exam Statistics report. Click here to learn how to download the Exam Statistics report.

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