Learning is Personal. Shouldn’t Your Training Be, Too?

Help Young Professionals See the Gray in The World & Embrace It
As a young professional entering the workforce for the first time, you’ve spent the last 15+ years learning. Learning about the world, important subjects, life, discovering who you are, exploring your passions—the list goes on. Some may argue that should be enough to enable you to design a career you love. But is it really? In reality, only 15% of college students say they’re ready to enter the real-world and start their career after college. So, if you answered, “No, it’s not enough,” you’re not alone.

NimblyWise is looking to help solve this problem.
We believe every individual deserves to have a career they love, an opportunity to be involved in work they’re passionate about, and the support to develop lifelong skills beyond the classroom. Our unique training programs for young professionals aren’t your average training programs. You won’t be memorizing facts or writing a paper—you’ll be coached one-on-one through real-life scenarios you’re actually facing in your workplace.

Adopting Skills to Navigate the World of Work

So, let’s talk a little bit about why our programs are different.

Every NimblyWise training program starts with an assessment. Now, it’s not a test—don’t worry, you’re done with that part of life for now! You’ll answer questions that were carefully curated with the best in business and learning development. From there, we’ll be able to work with you to uncover exactly where your skills gaps lie.

We’re talking about critical soft skills for workplace success, such as communication, teamwork, decision-making, conflict management, and critical thinking, that you may not have learned in school.

After skills gaps are identified, we design a program catered to helping you reach your goals and close those gaps for future personal and professional growth.

Not only will it help you on a journey to self-awareness, but it will also help you understand what steps you must take to grow. It’s not a “one and done” model, leaving you after you’ve done your assessment to figure it out on your own. Our professional coaches have been in your shoes, they’ve navigated the world of work and felt lost, so it’s their mission to help you avoid those feelings and truly thrive.

Real-Time Learning to Ease the Real-World Transition

To close these skills gaps and better equip you to excel in the world of work, we use one main guiding principle—real-time learning. This is our secret sauce, the thing that helps you drive your future forward, without the confusion and frustration typically experienced during the early stages of a career.

Becoming a real-time learner means:

  • Embracing curiosity and asking well developed questions
  • Being situationally aware
  • Identifying connections and patterns
  • Being able to understand diverse perspectives
  • Embracing big picture thinking
  • Using critical thinking skills to develop solutions

It’s a mindset shift. It enables you to see every situation in life as a learning moment, and that is when you truly grow.

NimblyWise Will Help You Build Your Future

At NimblyWise, our goal is to help you uncover your growth areas so you can successfully navigate your career and understand how to design a future you are passionate about. Through personalized coaching catered to your individual needs and group workshops with other young professionals, we pick up where college left off and support you as you grow in your career.

Are you ready to discover what your future looks like with NimblyWise?

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