Credo Education Rebrands as NimblyWise

Boston, MA, February 12, 2019

In connection with the sale of Credo Reference Ltd. in November, 2018, Credo Education Inc. was spun out as an independent entity. Credo Education Inc. has now changed its corporate name to NimblyWise Inc.

NimblyWise works with higher education institutions and corporations to prepare students and employees for continuous learning and success in the knowledge economy.

NimblyWise CEO Mike Sweet said, “The company had been planning this name change to coincide with an expanded business focus that now includes corporate learning and talent development.”

Sweet added that the business name change and rebranding “aligns with the company’s goal of helping people become more agile in the way they work, and be better able to navigate a complex and ever-changing business environment.”

NimblyWise, formerly Credo Education, was setup as a division of Credo Reference in early 2017. Its tools help higher education institutions implement a campus-wide foundational skills strategy by explicitly integrating skills such as critical thinking, communication, information literacy, and teamwork into ongoing instruction, assessment, and experiential learning. With corporations, NimblyWise offers a program to help employees develop their soft skills and real-time learning abilities. These skills are highly valued but often difficult to find.

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Contact info:

Name: Sara Ortins
Organization: NimblyWise
Address: 50 Milk Street, 16th Floor, Boston MA, 02109
Phone: +1 (617) 292-6170