Are Your Managers Coaching Their Teams Effectively? Here’s How to Tell.

Our last blog covered what it means to adopt a coaching culture for your organization and why that culture is more effective in today’s ever-changing digital age. But, once you have a plan for that culture rollout, how can you gauge whether or not your managers are coaching their teams effectively? 

The number of managers and business leaders who have implemented coaching skills has grown by nearly 50% over the past couple of years. Why? Because people realize that coaching is the difference between simply managing and effectively growing a team. Most people can manage in terms of delegation and oversight, but those who enlist proper coaching techniques will elevate their team members to the next level. And ultimately, make their job easier while also helping your business grow.

Signs Your Managers Are Managing, Not Coaching

You’re noticing higher than average turnover.

Three-quarters of people quit a job because of their manager at some point in their career. Author Brigette Hyacinth of The Future of Leadership shared the reasons why. They’re not standing up for their team and have no loyalty to employees, they’re simply trying to climb the ladder and don’t want to help their team, they make decisions solo and take the credit for the work of the group, and their only focus is the bottom line. These are all actions that a coach would not let happen. If your managers were effectively coaching, they’d be giving direction and allowing their team to thrive and take credit for their work; they’d be helping their team climb the ladder (if that’s what they desire), they’d be trying to sit down with team members considering other roles and work through plans to give them exactly what they need to stay and thrive.

You’re not seeing much upward movement on current teams.

Coaches help team members pave their path upward. Their goal should be to help team members see their career paths within the organization. If you notice that external candidates are filling many roles without managers considering elevating team members who have shown drive, passion, grit, and skill, that could be a reason to question their coaching skills.

Development plans aren’t fully thought out with tangible goals.

There are a lot of managers who don’t love a good SMART goal. But to be an effective coach, your teams need to be embracing goal setting as a means to reach the next level both personally and as a team. If you notice that development plans for employees lack concrete, measurable goals, then it could be that their manager isn’t pushing them to reach for more and giving them the tools they need to feel inspired and engaged.

How to Flip the Script & Teach Your Managers to Coach

So, if you’re noticing these situations or other problematic scenarios you think could be attributed to poor coaching, how do you coach your managers to be better coaches? Here are a few tips: 

Invest in Coaching for Your Managers

Nearly 80% of those managers using coaching methodology to help their team grow had received 60+ hours of coaching-specific training. How many hours has your team received? Training will allow your managers to develop their coaching skills in a safe environment and learn how to implement them effectively.

Give Constructive Feedback

Managers should have check-ins with their bosses as well. Senior management needs to be prepared to provide constructive feedback and prompt managers to self-reflect and see where they may be able to improve their coaching to avoid costly human resources issues.

Ensure Senior Management is On Board & Practicing Coaching Culture

Half of the individuals surveyed by the International Coaching Federation noted that support from senior leaders was the top obstacle for them. This doesn’t help cultivate a strong coaching culture where your managers feel supported. It needs to be a top-down initiative embraced and practiced by all!

Give Your Managers the Resources They Need to Thrive as Coaches

As we’ve explored, managers coaching their employees can be the key to unlocking your team’s true power. But coaching skills aren’t born overnight. It’s up to you to cultivate your manager’s coaching skills with programs that provide the tools they need to adapt, learn, and implement coaching techniques for mutual success. For example, many management teams have successfully implemented a customized program from NimblyWise with certified business coaches. Want to learn more? Let’s chat.