Are you a recent grad who wants to experience the following?

  • Job security during these unstable times?
  • Get a promotion so you can earn more money?
  • Communicate ideas better so that they are heard by older colleagues?
  • Learn to manage conflict better?
Our founders, Mike Sweet and Sara Ortins interviewed a large number of business owners and developed a program based on the six essential skills for recent graduate success in the workplace.

At NimblyWise, we teach recent grads these skills through a course designed to instill these six habits in the workplace.

Get in touch today to learn about our program and a professional will reach out today.

I graduated at the top of my class but felt extremely challenged by the skills I wasn’t taught in school such as managing my boss’ expectations and my own, communicating with my colleagues, and how to deal with conflict. I felt lost until I started my program at NimblyWise. Now, I feel confident and happy at work, not to mention the fact that I recently got promoted, I owe it all to NimblyWise!

Advancing your career begins with a strong desire to learn and is followed by having a mentor who will teach you the essential skills you need to succeed.

Lifelong Success in the Workplace Occurs When Skill Expectations Are Aligned with Actual Skills.