Real-Time Learning - Career Development Program

Real-Time Learner Habits

The world of work is changing, and in order to thrive, you need to be able to adapt to today’s constantly changing landscape. This requires strong communication skills, the ability to work and solve problems independently, and innovate.

Those who have gone through this program have become Real-Time Learners!

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The NimblyWise Program

Take charge of your own professional growth! NimblyWise offers a tailored program to help you build your real-time learning muscle.

Real-Time Learning Proprietary Self Assessment

Baseline your skills to learn about how you approach challenges

Individual Coaching

8 sessions using the real-time learning framework to work through challenges and promote professional development

Group Workshops

90-minute virtual workshops facilitated by experienced professionals

Access to NimblyWise’s e-Learning Portal

Learning modules for direct instruction of soft skills and reflection activities

Real-Time Learning Certificate Upon Program Completion


Frequently Asked Questions

The goal of this program is to help you become a Real-Time Learner; someone who thrives at work, not just survives! We will help you build the skills to solve problems more independently, communicate more effectively, and navigate your role and your career progression. These are highly coveted skills by business leaders and will put you on the path to success.

Our standard program is 6 months. We find that the path to becoming a Real-Time Learner does take a bit of time, practice, and support. As you experience challenges at work and require support from a coach to work through those challenges, you are also learning a framework to approach challenges independently and more effectively so you can be best set up for success once the program ends. If you’d like additional support past six months, we do offer options to continue with the program for as long as you find it helpful!

No, that is not the focus of this particular program. The focus of this program is to build the important skills needed to be successful once you are in a job. With that being said, we strongly believe that investing in building these skills, in addition to securing a new job, are both efforts worth your time and attention.

Many of our coaches on staff are certified through the International Coach Federation (ICF). In some cases, we also have experienced business professionals serve as coaches. This often depends on the specific desires and needs of the individuals in the program.

Workshops are facilitated by coaches or experienced business leaders; it depends on the topic of the workshop.

Not formally, but inviting managers to provide helpful feedback to you throughout the program is highly encouraged! They can provide valuable insight into your development. Your assigned coach will work with you to find ways to best include them in your growth.

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