Learning & Development Strategies For Our Evolving Workforce

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SEP 23, 2021: 12-1 PM ET

Learning & Development Strategies For Our Evolving Workforce

Learning and development (L&D) is critical to every organization and team. The pandemic has made L&D a priority, especially in those organizations and industries that had to adapt or shift. Has your organization made L&D a focus in the last 18 months? Have we thought about why that is? Should we increase focus on L&D moving forward?

Join us and our panel of HR experts as we discuss:

  • How to evaluate the efficacy of current L&D solutions

  • What needs to change to deliver meaningful L&D solutions to employees

  • How to best support employees to maximize their learning and growth

This roundtable will address the spectrum of L&D: Whether you don’t have formal L&D now, are developing your L&D strategy or have fully developed L&D.

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Shannyn Burch

Definitive Healthcare
Director, Talent Development

Sandy Rezendes

Head of Global Learning

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