It's Time to Take Your Future Into Your Own Hands

Embrace Opportunities for your Personal & Professional Growth

The unfortunate reality is that young professionals are entering the world of work unprepared

"Less than 1/3 of new grads feel prepared to enter the world of work."
- Strada-Gallup
Sound familiar?

In a way it’s comforting to know that your struggles
aren’t only yours alone.

Companies want to help but the daily tasks and the multiple roles manager play can make it difficult for them to set time to help each individual contributor develop and grow. You may not have been taught this in school: you do have the opportunity to take your professional and personal growth into your own hands.



With programs like NimblyWise’s one-on-one training and coaching program for emerging talent.

If you struggle with:
  • Prioritizing and balancing multiple projects
  • Proactively identifying new skills to develop
  • Owning and advocating for your career path
  • Identifying ways to add more value inside your organization
  • Seeking and integrating feedback
  • Influencing without authority
  • Understanding various leadership styles and how to adapt to them

Become a Real Time Learner & Get Ready to Thrive

At NimblyWise we have a secret sauce that leads to participant success long term.

It’s called “real-time” learning.

“As you work through the program and coaching, you will grow…” from a traditional learner into a real-time learner.

Our program pairs you with a coach who works with you on each of these problems, or whatever you’re struggling with in the workplace, in real time. Paired with cohorts to create connections and learning modules to identify and grow in your skills gaps— you’ll learn to be confident and unstoppable!

Building Key Competencies for Success

As part of our real-time learning framework, we address the following key competencies which young professionals commonly struggle with:

  • Confidence
  • Adaptability
  • Problem Solving
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Collaboration
  • Conflict Management

Our coaches help you tackle independent challenges relating to these competencies and more, leading to greater success and personal and professional fulfillment

NimblyWise Personalizes Your Training Experience

We offer a 6-month long personalized program that meets you where you need the most support in your development — even if you’re not quite sure where that is yet.

Each individual is different. So NimblyWise coaches craft 1-on-1 coaching strategies that are unique to each participant wherever you are in your career journey — with a focus on real-time learning throughout.

Our programs help you navigate the complex nature of the world of “work”, helping drive higher levels of career satisfaction and fulfillment.

The NimblyWise Transformation Approach
We Spoke with The Best in Education & Business

To design our program and real-time learning framework, we collaborated and learned from experts in
business, education, coaching, and psychology.

Together we identified key skills necessary to thrive at work and in life, leading to greater overall career
success for recent grads!

Real-Time NimblyWise Experiences

NimblyWise's Transformative Approach: We Spoke with The Best in Education & Business.

To design our program and real-time learning framework, we collaborated with experts in business, education, coaching, and psychology.

Together we identified key skills necessary to thrive at work, leading to greater overall engagement and mutual success!


What the Experts are Saying

Great products are built with input from diverse experts in the field. Hear what our closest advisers have to say.

Standard Training

The Real-Time Learning Program

Real-time Learners have greater capacity to:

Real-Time NimblyWise Experiences

Let's Ditch the Training Modules...

Our program has a unique approach that allows you to dive into real-life workplace conflicts, working through them with real-time practice and application. There will be no cookie-cutter problems to solve here, everything is
based upon your struggles, areas for development and opportunities for growth.

...& Prepare to Experience Personalized, Meaningful Coaching for Long-Term Growth.

Through repetition and applied expert coaching, you will build that real-time learning muscle! You will recognize when

you are faced with a learning moment and be able to successfully move forward confidently and independently. You’ll

be ready for any scenario the world of work, and life, will throw at you. 

What’s Included

Getting Started

Months 1-2

Learn & Apply

Months 3-5

Apply & Reflect

Months 6+

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No More “One and Done’ Training

If newly learned information isnt applied and practiced, 75% of it will be forgotten in less than a week.
E-Learning Council

Why Invest Now?

The world of work is changing and it is predicted that these skills will be significant to young professionals moving forward:

  • Self awareness and self leadership
  • Critical thinking and mental flexibility
  • Interpersonal skills and conflict resolution
  • Creativity and adaptability

With NimblyWise programs, you will develop these skills and more. Start your journey to success today.

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