Troubleshooting Tips

If you integrate an LTI link and just get a blank screen, that means the LTI is not connecting. Here are some common settings that could cause an LTI link to not connect:

Common Settings to Check

  • Key and secret: If you are unsure, contact NimblyWise support.
  • Launch domain: It should look like
  • Grading Settings: Do you need to check a box that allows the tool to send grades to the gradebook?
  • Privacy Settings: The privacy settings of the LTI tool should be set to gather the student email and student name, at minimum.
  • Security Settings: If your institutional firewall requires you to access outside websites via SSH, you may need to tick a box that forces the tool via SSH.

Blackboard-Specific Settings

  • New Line in Description Field: There is a known issue in Blackboard where the use of a new line (pressing the Enter key) in the description field of a content item will break the LTI connection. When creating your LTI links, please use single paragraph text only in the description field, with no new lines, and minimal formatting.
  • Multiple Quizzes in a Single LTI Link: If you combine multiple quizzes within a single LTI link, Blackboard will aggregate the quizzes and return a total score in a single gradebook column.

Desire2Learn-Specific Settings

  • Disassociate the Gradebook Before Deleting: Before deleting a module, it must first be disassociated with the gradebook. If the gradebook column was still associated with the module upon deletion, the gradebook column will no longer be capable of deletion itself.

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