Popular Student Questions

Question: How can I give feedback on the content?

Answer: Give your feedback to your instructor.

Question: Is there a way to save correct answers from a quiz?

Answer: No, there is no way to download or save the correct answers to a quiz or exam.

Question: How do I turn off/on Closed Captions?

Answer: Click on the closed captions icon to turn on or hide the closed caption feature.

Question: There are two links for video transcripts. What are the differences between SubRip (.srt) file and Text (.txt) file, and which one should be dowloaded?

Answer: SubRip (.srt) files are created by SubRip, a Windows software. It is supported by the majority of video players. A Text (.txt) file is a standard text document containing unformatted text. All text editing or word processing software can recognize a .txt file.

Question: Why do transcripts to videos have links and where do they link to?

Answer: Clicking on each set of text in the transcript will take you to that part of the video.

Question: What do the different speeds mean on the videos?

Answer: The different speeds can allow you to speed up or slow down the video playback. The default speed is 1.0x, meaning the video is being played at normal speed. 0.75x will play the video slightly slower, while 1.25x will play the video slightly faster, and 1.50x will play the video fastest.

Question: Can you access videos outside of the courseware?

Answer: The videos are only available in the courseware. You can bookmark them within the course to return to them while you are enrolled in the course.

Question: What is the difference between “Save” and “Submit” in a quiz?

Answer: Save allows you to save your answer but not submit it. You may come back to it later and make a change. You must click Submit for your answer to be recorded.

Question: Do I have to answer the questions in order, or can I skip around?

Answer: You can answer the questions in any order. The Save button allows you to come back to a question and submit your answer later.

Question: Can I take a quiz more than once?

Answer: Unless otherwise noted by your institution, you will only be allowed to submit a response once and you may not take a quiz again.

Question: Can I change my answers after I have clicked “Saved” or “Submit”?

Answer: If you have saved your answer but have not submitted, you may change your choice. Otherwise your answer is final.

Question: Are quizzes timed?

Answer: The quizzes are not typically timed. If you need more time to complete a quiz, you may Saveyour responses and come back to complete the quiz at a later time.

Question: How do I know when I’m done with a quiz?

Answer: When you arrive at the end of the quiz, you will see a completion page.

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