Sakai Global LTI Set Up

This page is for Sakai admins in order to set up an External Tool that can be used globally throughout the system.

Step 1: In the Administration Workspace, click on External Tools.

Step 2: Click on Installed Tools, then click on Install LTI 1.x Tool

Step 3: Set up a NimblyWise LTI tool that can be re-used and customized throughout your system. Please use the following settings:

  • Site ID: Leave blank
  • Tool Title: NimblyWise
  • Allow tool title to be changed: Allow
  • Allow custom icon to be changed: Allow
  • Button Text: NimblyWise
  • Allow button text to be changed: Allow
  • Description: Add a basic description
  • Tool status: Enabled
  • Tool Visibility: Visible
  • Launch URL: You can put something basic in here, like knowing that instructors will change it.
  • Allow launch URL to be changed: Allow
  • Launch Key: Given to you by NimblyWise
  • Allow launch key to be changed: Do not allow
  • Launch secret: Given to you by NimblyWise
  • Allow launch secret to be changed: Do not allow
  • Allow frame height to be changed: Allow
  • Configuration dialog: Bypass configuration dialogue when tool is selected
  • Privacy settings: Send user names AND email addresses to tool
  • Services: Allow tool to return grades, create grade columns, and store settings.
  • Allow tool to be launched as a link
  • Always launch as popup.
  • Tool does not support LTI 1.3
  • Type of LTI 1.1 launch to use: Inherit system-wide default

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