Content Update Notes (Spring 2020)

  • External Links – All links were checked (and fixed/updated if necessary) for any links found on Sources pages and any other pages of content where there was a link to any external resource.
  • Text Clarity – Improvements were made to any pages where a slight edit to wording clarified the text. This includes any grammatical edits or edits that kept headings and structure consistent across lessons. Font, color, and background texture of text-based graphics were also updated to ensure content is easy to read. 
  • Currency – Where appropriate, scenarios and examples were edited in order to address any currency issues where specific past dates were referred to or a topic was adjusted to maintain current and relevant information. One example is the addition of APA Citations – 7th Edition.
  • Multiple Choice Questions
    • For questions that included an answer option such as, “A and C only” or “All of the above”, an improvement was made that simply removed that type of option and instead included, “Check all that apply” to the question stem.
    • For pre- and post-test questions that included an answer option “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure”, these options were removed in place of a more suitable answer option.
    • All negative questions (using NOT in the question stem), were rewritten.
    • All complex Type-K questions were re-written for simplicity.
  • Feedback – All automatic feedback that is displayed to the learner when they submit a response to multiple-choice questions was reviewed and any corrections and improvements were made as appropriate.

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