2020 Release Notes

Fall 2020

  • Upgraded platform to Open edX Juniper release, including new course breadcrumbs, responsive sequence bar, and new/previous button clarity.
  • Improvement to the copy feature in Studio that allows copying of multiple pages at once via checkboxes.
  • Completed enrollment and engagement report refactoring for faster application performance and updated codebases.
  • Improvement to Insights reports by adding a date range filter.
  • Updated VPAT and minor accessibility updates to conform to WCAG 2.1.
  • Improvement to Insights by adding summary tabs to downloaded reports.

May 2020

  • No updates released

April 2020

  • Improvement to bar chart tool tip display data to ensure all data from the corresponding table is displayed.
  • Bug fix to address display of learner data where assessment name is the same in multiple courses.
  • Updated format for enrollment date capture to improve usability of “term” filter in Insights.
  • Improved capture of course outline-related data when a learner responds to a problem.
  • Added option to provide JWK URL for LTI 1.3 set ups.
  • Bug fix to address browser error resulting in upload of .zip files in Open Response Assessments

March 2020

  • Updates to Insights calculations and efficiency.
  • Added Help Center links to the Instructor dashboard and buttons next to “View Unit in Studio” in our courses in support of easier access.
  • Improved logging and tracking of NimblyWise system to support troubleshooting and more rapid identification fo potential issues.
  • Updated Insights to hide all users indicated as “staff” in the system. Going forward users must tick the “include staff users” box when comparing by learner to see data related to those users.

February 2020

  • Added flexibility in customer naming to support changes to institution names in our Insights platform.
  • Updates to Insights calculations and efficiency.
  • Bug fix to address Insights access in Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge browsers
  • Updates to support security changes introdued in Chrome 80

January 2020

  • Added ability customize Learning Outcomes display order in Insights
  • Added the ability to limit which Learning Outcomes appear in Insights and My Skills reports
  • Enabled self-service link access for LTI 1.3 links through the Instructor dashboard.
  • Added skill description capabilities to the My Skills report
  • Enabled LTI linking ability for the My Skills report
  • Updated handling of course_section and context_id tags captured from LTI launch parameters

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