2019 Release Notes

Fall 2019

  • When too many results show in Insights for visualization, the error message now suggests that users download the CSV file.
  • Completed a complete video and image migration to a new CDN server to allow for dynamic buffering and closer CDN mirrors.
  • Fixed a bug where Insights was showing as a blank screen in Firefox.
  • Fixed a bug where very long sourcedid LTI outcomes were being truncated.

Summer 2019

  • Multiple attempt timestamps are now available in Insights on a per-student level on the assessment reports.
  • Skipped questions are now counted as incorrect in Insights reporting.
  • Timed exams now inform students if they have skipped any questions before submitting and ending their times exam.

May 2019

Summary: Timed exam new features, insights calculation improvements, and bug fixes.

  • Timed exams now check if any questions were not submitted before ending exam.
  • An error message appears if a question cannot be submitted due to firewalls or internet connectivity issues.
  • More streamlined and simpler interface for open response questions in Insights.
  • Defunct “Analytics” tabs removed from Instructor dashboard.

Summary: No release due to platform update

Summary:  Insights verbiage adjustments and bug fixes.

  • Insights Assessment Report now includes Open-Response scores based on assigned rubrics.
  • Insights Assessment Report dropdown now shows “View by Score Distribution” instead of “View by Answers”
  • Insights Assessment Learner filter no longer disappears when you search for a non-existent username/email.

April 2019

Summary: Server preparation for Ironwood platform update.

Summary: No product deployments

Summary: Bug fixes and improvements to Insights reporting.

  • Insights Engagement Report sorting by Run puts the items in alphabetical order
  • Insights Engagement Report sorting by Term puts the items in chronological order
  • Insights Assessment & Learning Outcomes Reports allow you to include or exclude ungraded questions
  • The Instructor dashboard tab for open-response questions now shows Section and Subsection, in addition to page name and Question title.
  • Fixed authentication bug with the Link Constructor
  • Fixed an issue with the Add a New Subsection button disappearing

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