Publishing Content to Sibling Content Blocks

New content sections in courses are linked to your master courses. Any changes made to the content in your course will give you the option upon publishing to push those changes out to other linked courses where you are enrolled as staff.

Please Note: Customized content in other courses will be overwritten when pushing updated content from another course. 

Step 1: Once you have changes that you want to publish, select the Publish button.

Step 2: Decide which linked courses you also want to update. In most cases, you will not update other courses with your change, so you would select “Don’t update that copy.”

In some cases, if you are making changes to a master that you do want to push out to your other courses, you can decide to replace it as draft for review, in which case it would need to be published in that individual course. You can also replace it as published, in which case there are no extra steps.

Step 3: You’ll see a green (Success) note once the item has been replaced in the sibling courses.

Step 4: If you replaced the item as draft, you will need to go into the other course to publish that item. Please note: In the sibling course you will need to select “don’t update that copy” for all the other courses if you do not want to push this change out again.

Best Practices:

  • If you accidentally delete a lesson, you will need to re-copy that lesson over from the master course so it will continue to be linked.
  • Re-running a course with linked items will continue to keep all items linked.
  • Remember, if you publish new content to another course, it will overwrite content in the lesson of that second course.

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