Moodle LTI Global Set Up

Step 1:

The first step to integrating your InfoLit Modules via LTI in your Moodle is to sign in as an instructor and under the “Administration” panel, click on “turn editing on.”

Step 2:

Under the settings menu, select the following: Site Administration –> Plugins –> External Tool –> Manage Tools

Step 3:

You will see your LTI Tool set up area. Click on “Manage preconfigured tools”

Step 4: Then click on “Add preconfigured tool”

Step 5:

In this section you will need to fill in the information you got from Credo about your LTI integration. You will need to fill in the following information.

Tool Name: NimblyWise

Tool URL:

Tool Description: Optional

LTI Version: LTI 1.0/1.1

Consumer Key: Given to you by NimblyWise

Shared Secret: Given to you by NimblyWise

Default Launch Container: New window

Privacy: Set share launcher’s email with tool to “Always”, and accept grades from tool to “always”.

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