How Data is Collected

The following inputs provide data to Insights and may be used as filters or identifying information in Insights. 

LTI Integrations within Learning Management Systems

When multimedia is integrated with a Learning Management System via an LTI integration (e.g. Blackboard, Canvas, D2L, or Moodle), our system uses the information provided by the LMS to create a unique user profile for each student. This includes:

  • Student Name
  • Student Email
  • Course information (course name/number, but may also include course section number)

Students do not have to remember a specific username/password, because their LMS login authenticates them into the NimblyWise platform. When students use the multimedia through another course in the LMS, their data is saved under the previously created user profile. For example, if a student accesses multimedia through an FYE course in their first semester, then in an English Course in their second semester, data from both courses is available in Insights under the same student-user profile.

Note: Filters for LMS-integrated Courses were established in March 2018. Before March 2018, the data from courses in your LMS will be displayed under the main course in Insights. This affects both assessment and usage reports. 

Direct Link via the platform

If you are sending students directly to the platform via an enrollment link, then all your data will be automatically captured under the NimblyWise course name and run.

Data that appears under the Course filter could come from the following inputs: 

  • Students who access multimedia from an enrollment link 
  • Students who access multimedia from an LTI link.

Course/Section Information

Course or course section information is automatically gathered via LTI and will display all together under the Course filter (e.g. English 1301 – 12345 – Section4). If you use enrollment links or direct platform links, the course name will show up as whatever the course was originally named in the NimblyWise platform – course sections will not appear.

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