Enrollment Report

This report answers the following types of questions:

  • How many learners enrolled in a particular course?
  • How many learners enrolled in your course/campus compared to your other courses or campuses (if you have more than one course or campus)?
  • Which course has the highest enrollment?
  • Which courses has a specific learner enrolled in?

To get to the enrollment reports:

From the Insights Dashboard, select View Enrollment.

What filters can you expect to see in an enrollment report?

Course filters:

  • Any Course set up in your LMS that uses an LTI integration to access content.
    • Note: Filters for LMS-integrated Courses were established in March 2018. Before March 2018, the data from courses in your LMS will be displayed under the main course in Insights. 

Learner Filters:

  • This will be available for enrollments where a student accessed via their LMS. 
  • If a student accessed via a non-LTI method (course enrollment link) – the Learner filter will show whatever email they supplied during registration.

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