Adding LTI Links via Common Cartridge

You can add LTI Links via common cartridge, as opposed to adding each link manually.

Step 1:  Under Course Tools, select Edit Course.

Step 2: Under Site Resources, select Import/Export/Copy Components.

Step 3:  Select Import Components

 Step 4: Select Upload and then choose the common cartridge file from your computer.

 Step 5: Once the file is uploaded, you can either Import All Components, which imports all the LTI links in your entire course, or select which items to upload. If you want to select which LTI links to upload see the instructions at the bottom of the page. Click on Import All Components.

Step 6: Once the import is completed successfully, you will see a success message. Click on “View Content” to see the links in your course content.

To Import Specific Components:

Click on Advanced Options.

Step 6: D2L will read your course package that you attached. Once it is complete, click Continue.

Step 7: you can customize your course LTI links now. Please add both the Content and the External Learning Tool Links for each LTI link that you want in your course. Select individual items to import.

 Step 8: You can expand each section and select individual items to import, or import each section.

Step 9: Once you’ve imported the content, you can select which items you want to import for the LTI Links.

 Step 10:  It will import the items you selected. When it is complete, you will see a “Success” message. Click on “View Content” to see the links in your course.

Step 11: When you view the links, you can then move them around in your course wherever you want.

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