Advanced Settings

This article explains what to change on the Advanced Settings page under the “Settings” drop down in a new course in Studio. Some settings are fine to stay on the default setting. For those items, you can leave as they are and those fields are not listed below. The only fields listed are those that you actively need to change.

Step 1: Under the “Settings” drop down, click on “Advanced Settings.”

Step 2: Change each field as necessary. These are the default recommended settings:

Advanced Module List: Add “library_content” between brackets.

Allow Anonymous Access: False

Allow Anonymous Discussion Posts: False

Allow Opting Out of Proctored Exams: False

Allow Public Wiki Access: False

Certificate Web/HTML View Enabled: False

Course Display Name: Whatever your course name and number are (e.g. Super University ENG 101 Fall 2018)

Course Home Sidebar Name:  ” “

Course Number Display String: null

Course Organization: null

Course Visibility in Catalog: “none”

Enable Subsection Prerequisites: true

Enable Timed Exams: true

Mobile Course Available: true

Show Answer: “never”

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