Add New Multiple Choice Questions

Step 1: Once you are on the page where you want to add the new questions, select the green Problem component.

Step 2: Select Multiple Choice.

Step 3: Click Edit to enter the editing screen.

Step 4: If you have question instructions, you can place that as plain text above the question. If not, delete this placeholder text.

Step 5: Replace the question text between the double arrows.

Step 6: Replace the answer choices and place an “x” between the parentheses for the correct answer. There can be only one correct answer for Multiple Choice questions.

Step 7:  Add custom answer feedback for each answer choice by adding curly brackets with the feedback inside: {{Incorrect. The correct answer is B.}}

Step 8: Under Settings, change the name of the question (e.g. Question 1, Question 2) and select the number of allowed student attempts.

Optional Step 9: The default setting is 1 point and unlimited attempts per question. Those can be changed under the Settings options: Maximum Attempts and Problem Weight.

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