Canvas LTI Global Tool Set Up

You will need Administrator access to your Canvas; if you do not, please ask your Canvas Admin. 

*Note: Depending on your version of Canvas, these screenshots may not match exactly. They are for illustration purposes only.

Step 1: Click on managed accounts and select your organizational account. Then click on “settings” at the bottom of the left-hand navigation menu.

click on managed accounts

Step 2: Click on the tab titled “Apps”, and then click on “View App Configurations.”


Step 3: Click on “Add App” or “+App”


Step 4: Fill in the following fields:

* Name: Whatever is easy for you to remember
* Consumer Key: (given to you by NimblyWise)
* Shared Secret: (given to you by NimblyWise)
* Domain: on the LTI tab on your InfoLit Modules dashboard
* Privacy (set to “public”)
* URL: The URL (or Launch URL) can remain blank, as this will be added in the course set up.

If you have forgotten your key and secret, please contact customer support ( to get them again.

Fill in the fields using the Consumer key and secret that Credo gave you.

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