Canvas Adding an LTI Link to a Course

Step 1: Click “Add assignment” and then “more options.”

Click Add assignment and then more options

Step 2: Under “submission type,” click on “external tool.”

Under submission type, click on external tool

Step 3: Paste your LTI link into the text box, and decide whether you want the tool to open in a new tab.

Enter your LTI link into the text box

Optional: Adding the assignment to a module

Optional Step 1: Go to Modules in the left-hand navigation

Optional Step 2: In the header bar of the module in which you would like to add the assignment, click on the settings gear icon, then click “add content.”

Optional Step 3: In the Add Item popup, for the “Add” dropdown, select “assignment.” then select the item you created earlier (you may need to scroll down the list to locate it), select the indentation level you desire, then click “Add Item.”

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