A New Perspective - Personalizing Employee Development

NimblyWise helps small-to-medium sized growing businesses attract, develop, and retain talent by offering essential soft skills workshops along with individual and group coaching.

Are You:
  • Consistently developing critical soft skills such as communication, adaptability, and a growth mindset so employees grow into your future leaders?
  • Ensuring each employee is receiving the career development guidance they expect so they stay highly engaged and don’t leave?
  • Providing 1:1 coaching to employees to demonstrate your care and help them overcome common obstacles?


A Modern Way To Develop Talent

The soft skills needed to thrive in today’s ambiguous and ever-changing business environment can’t be learned in a one-day training.

It’s time to partner with NimblyWise to challenge, develop, inspire, and invest in your next generation of business leaders.

Through our customized corporate training programs dedicated to cultivating critical soft skills, we will help you strengthen your team and build a culture of success.

Let’s discuss how NimblyWise can make a difference in your business’ future.

This employee is more likely to take appropriate action without specific direction and assess situations to determine the best course of action utilizing her experience from previous encounters. She takes the lead in developing possible solutions and seeks appropriate feedback. She is more actively managing her relationships with me and her colleagues.”


Managing Director

I am sorry we have not met yet but I wanted to reach out and let you know that I am thrilled with the coaching you are providing. He and I meet every other week and he has mentioned on many occasions how impactful your coaching has been and what a great outlet you have been for him. Thank you for playing a role in making him better!”


Chief People and Culture Officer

As head of Global Learning and Development for a large Fortune 500 company, I am always looking for ways to enhance the critical thinking, learning agility and soft skills of our workforce. I see NimblyWise as an innovative and comprehensive program that will help employees “learn to learn”, increase their ability to work more independently, understand other’s perspectives and use proven processes to solve complex problems. I’m so impressed that I have recommended this program to my own son, to help him gain more confidence in his own strengths, learn to take responsibility for his career direction and get the support he needs from an experienced coach who will help him with his career direction and initiative.”


Chief Global Learning and Development Officer
for 5+ Fortune 500 companies and Ed/Tech Consultant

My son has had a number of learning challenges and has shied away from any structured programs since high school. Therefore, I was pleased when he agreed to join NimblyWise and unlike other learning experiences, he stuck with both the workshops and the coaching program and acquired new time and people management skills. He formed a positive bond with one of the program participants who was a good role model, and gained more insight and confidence into his marketable skills while working with this coach. I can see where this two-prong program would be beneficial for both underperforming employees as well as those considered to be top talent.”


Executive Coach and Strategic HR consultant,
former VP of HR for technology and health care companies

Once I started working with my coach, I realized that I may be getting in the way of my own career growth. Because I had lost that path, I lost confidence and positivity along the way. My coach helped me set my day up for success, reset when negative thought patterns emerged, and helped me realize that setbacks are just learning opportunities for ultimate career growth. My greatest takeaway was that in order to grow, you can’t be too comfortable.”


Program Participant

My coach was a perfect fit for me. Through our sessions, I was able to truly learn more about myself, my values, and my goals. I was able to explore these things in a safe place and put together pieces to design a future I am wildly passionate about. My coach was able to prepare me for a promotion which I ultimately achieved!”


Program Participant

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