Webinar Recap: Bridging the Skills Gap

In a world where concerns about the employability of postsecondary graduates is growing for students, parents, and employers, how can higher education best prepare students for future success?

Matthew Hora, author of Beyond the Skills Gap, and Mike Sweet, CEO of Credo Education recently discussed the diverse types of skills sought by employers, the role of culture in teaching and hiring, and the value of broader twenty-first-century foundational skills in postsecondary education.

One example Hora gives that came up as a surprise during his research was the emphasis manufacturing workers placed on communication and teamwork. The current reality is that manufacturers are now required to be adaptable in ways they never were before, often changing teams and projects on a frequent basis. This, of course, is not limited to manufacturing in the modern Knowledge Economy.

See the full recording below, and reference the slides here.

Matthew Hora

Assistant Professor of Adult & Higher Education
University of Wisconsin – Madison

Dr. Matthew T. Hora is an Assistant Professor of Adult & Higher Education at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, and a Research Scientist at the WI Center for Education Research. Dr. Hora’s research focuses on organizational change in higher education, teaching and learning issues, and cultural analyses of college to workforce transitions.