Webinar Series: Closing the Loop – Foundational Skills Measurement into Instructional Strategy

Join our live webinar series!
October 17th and 24th from 2:00pm – 3:00pm ET

Join us as we explore methods for using consistent foundational skills assessment and outcome data analysis to inform adjustments to your institution’s instruction strategy. Such successful closed loop strategies not only lead to better outcomes for students but also to efficient and effective collaboration between faculty and administrators.


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Foundational Skills Assessment Success @ Tarrant County College District
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Director of Curriculum Instructional Assessment Marlon Mote will describe how Tarrant created a course-embedded common assessment strategy with Credo Education, which led to consistent skills measurement, an 80% reduction in faculty time spent, and a major increase in student participation.


Improving Instruction and Learning Outcomes Through Faculty Development
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Higher education faculty development expert Dr. Dee Fink will share effective practices that form the bedrock of an institution’s commitment to improving student learning outcomes. Using case studies and survey data, Dr. Fink will illustrate how institutions across the country approach these strategies and best practices to achieve measurable positive results.