One Way to Build a Team for Long-Term Growth? Ask Interview Questions About Integrity.

As a manager, it’s probably no secret that those who operate with integrity are usually some of the most dependable team members. So, why don’t we ask more questions to gauge integrity over technical skills when interviewing candidates? Technical skills can be taught and are changing so rapidly that many will need reskilling in the next few years anyway. But integrity is innate to a person’s personality; it is hard to teach.

So, how do you uncover someone’s level of integrity during the interview process? It’s all about asking the right questions. Today, we’re sharing a few, along with the responses to look out for.

When you make a mistake, how do you usually handle it?

Someone with integrity is not afraid to own up to their mistakes, regardless of the consequences. This is true for entry-level professionals as well as senior leaders. You want someone who can admit that they were wrong or made a mistake and remedy it rather than try to push it under the rug to make greater problems down the road.

Would you ever tell a white lie to smooth over a client situation?

If anyone says yes to this, you do not want to hire them. How many times has a lie made a situation better? Not often, if ever. You want someone who will say no and focus on creative problem-solving with a truthful approach! This is someone with integrity.

Do your friends, family, and colleagues typically rely on you for things?

Someone who is seen as reliable by those closest to them is a trustworthy person. This question can create an opportunity for you to ask about specific situations where a boss or manager trusted them with something important to further clarify their reliability and trustworthiness.

Can you share a time when a workplace situation may have challenged your integrity?

There are many unethical people in this world. Those people tend to challenge those who lead with their values and morals. You want to know how your potential employees will rise above and continue to stay true to the honest and truthful way of doing business.

When you think about your favorite mentor, boss, or leadership team member, what characteristics did they exhibit?

Someone with integrity will demand integrity of those they follow, work with, and learn from.

How would you react if you saw a coworker do something illegal, immoral, or just in bad taste?

A lot of people will look the other way. But someone who is willing to challenge something inappropriate or wrong in the way you’re doing business is someone you want on your team. It will maintain the integrity of the greater organization!

Need Help Building Your Engagement & Culture?

The NimblyWise founders have successfully led teams of all sizes to unparalleled employee engagement. This was done through intentional recruitment, hiring for fit, and a company culture founded on integrity. A company that operates honestly, truthfully, and with accountability at the forefront is a company that employees will want to grow with long-term. Their commitment will be unwavering if they feel connected with the way you operate and treat your partners, clients, and team members. This all starts with foundational integrity.

We can help you build for growth in the same way. Let’s chat about how!