Test Your Ability to Identify Fake News

Credo Education aims to provide students and professionals with the tools they need to learn, sharpen, and assess their critical thinking skills. In a world where disreputable sites are taking advantage of people’s reliance on social media for news by posting “fake news,” do you have the critical thinking and information literacy skills needed to identify and bypass these false sources of information?

Try out two of Credo Education’s learning modules and take the quizzes to assess your critical thinking abilities.

About Us
Credo Education partners with educational institutions to prepare students and graduates for continuous learning and success in the knowledge economy. Credo’s innovative solutions are designed to close critical thinking and information skills gaps that persist throughout a student’s academic career, then on into their work and adult life. As a trusted partner, Credo has assisted more than 2,500 institutions in fulfilling their institutional mission in a cost effective manner that enables them to deliver on the promise of higher education.