Filling Job Vacancies with Internal Talent? Make Sure They Have This Skill First.

Did you know that over half of job vacancies are filled by internal candidates? It makes sense, as team members who are stagnant in their roles are statistically more likely to leave, and turnover is costly. But, if you’re hiring internally, what skills are you looking for when determining who should move up the ladder? In reality, there is one all-encompassing skill that can truly define a leader: self-management.

What is Self-Management?

So, what is self-management?

It’s being able to regulate emotions, take responsibility, and execute with accountability. The ability to self-manage is one that is a combination of innate self-awareness and strong personal development. But those who have nurtured this unrivaled professional skill within themselves are team members who you can rely on to get the job done well, with integrity and leadership qualities at the forefront of everything

5 Reasons Why You Want Leaders Who Possess Self-Management Skills

Self-management is critical for a manager who is leading a team of diverse personalities, backgrounds, and skill levels. They will always be dealing with challenging and uncomfortable situations and will need to take charge with confidence, ease, and compassion. Here are just a few of the many reasons why you want those with self-management skills in leadership:

They are responsible and will hold their team accountable.

No task will be left unfinished if you have a leader with self-management skills. They will pride themselves on their follow-through ability and will encourage their team to do the same.

Project management is core to their approach, resulting in on-time deliveries.

Prioritization and organization are skills that those who self-manage are able to channel with ease. They are able to successfully question which tasks need to come first to complete a project effectively and efficiently.

Empathy is central to their being and allows them to lead effectively.

Those who self-manage well are able to regulate their emotions and easily put themselves in other people’s shoes. Even if they’re handling an uncomfortable or frustrating situation, they are able to control things like anger, exasperation, or fear and lead with even-keeled emotions.

You can expect them to go the extra mile.

Because of all these factors, self-managed employees are able to handle greater workloads and responsibilities with ease. This inherently increases their capacity to tackle more!

Those who don’t possess self-management skills can be unreliable and unpredictable. You want leaders who are sound, secure, and reliable. So, when hiring, ask self-management questions that can uncover if your internal candidates have the abilities required or if they need further development and training to get to the next level.

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