Boosting Student Outcomes in a Culture of Assessment: Webinar Recap

When Mount Saint Mary College noticed a decline in retention, administrators decided to employ high-impact practices to turn this around. Through their First Year Experience (FYE) program, the school was able to utilize Credo Education’s courseware to improve student outcomes while also building a culture of measurable assessment across the campus.

In this webinar, Librarians Vivian B. Milczarski and Tiffany Davis shared the positive impact the program has had on retention and student-faculty-librarian relationships. In their administration’s culture of assessment, they were able to use the consistent, measurable assessment data provided by Courseware to track student progress and identify areas of need in students’ knowledge.



During the webinar, attendees were polled on what initiatives their institutions currently prioritized:

  • 71% Retention
  • 61% Assessment
  • 43% Accreditation
  • 11% Student employment

Watch the full video for more details on MSMC’s program, plus a Q&A with attendees.