Matrix Grid

The matrix grid problem is actually set up as an HTML table, with a single table row, and any number of columns. Each column includes a header and then a number of checkboxes. This example has four columns.

Step 1: To edit this question, click on the edit button in Studio and locate the html <table> tag. The four columns are noted by the <td> or table data tag. The <td> tag includes a percentage width. Depending on the number of columns you want your table to have, it should be an equal portion of the entire 100%. This example has 4 columns, so each <td> is width=”25%”.

<td width=“25%”><p><strong>Assessment Finding</strong></p><p>Maternal temperature of 100.4 degrees F (38.0 C).</p><p>FHR of 145</p><p>Absent fetal variability</p><p>Increase in bloody show</p><p>Early decelerations</p><p>Maternal HR of 76</p></td>


Step 2: The first <td> is the first column, typically symptoms or vitals. If you look at the first <td> in the html, you’ll notice that it has each symptom within <p> and </p>. Remember that the entire column is a single table cell in a single row, instead of each line being a different row as is usual in tables. The <p> will make a line break between each symptom option.

<td width=“25%”><p><strong>Assessment Finding</strong></p>
<p>Maternal temperature of 100.4 degrees F (38.0 C).</p> 
<p>FHR of 145</p></td>


Step 3: Each of the other <td> tags needs to start with the grading scheme. In EdX that shows up as the <choiceresponse> tag.  If you want partial credit, you will add partial_credit=“EDC” which means “every decision counts.” See the grading options page for more information.

<td width=“25%”><choiceresponse partial_credit=“EDC”>


Step 4: Below that, put your column header in the <label> tag. It is recommended that you bold the header by enclosing it in <strong> tags. 

<td width=”25%”><choiceresponse partial_credit=”EDC”>


Step 5: Next the <checkboxgroup> will create any number of available checkboxes. Add or subtract checkboxes until you have the correct amount to match the items in the first column. Please note, you do not need to add any text except the <br /> line break for the checkbox to show up. You need to set each checkbox choice to correct=“true” or correct=“false”. If it is a correct answer, then correct should equal true. If it is an incorrect answer, then correct should equal false.


  <choice correct=“true”><br /></choice>

  <choice correct=“false”><br /></choice>

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