It’s Time for a More Engaged Workforce.

Accelerate Learning with Our Real-Time Learning Program.

The lack of employee engagement is often rooted in the disconnect between managers and in individual contributors.

To know more about the disconnect between managers and individual contributors, view our resource here.

"71% of millennials are disengaged at work and 60% are open to
new opportunities"
- Strada-Gallup

Young Professionals Stuggle To...

  • Prioritize and balance multiple projects
  • Proactively identify new skills to develop
  • Own their own career path
  • Identify ways to add more value inside the organization
  • Seek and integrate feedback
  • Influence without authority
  • Understand various leadership styles and how to adapt to them

While Managers Struggle To…

  • Understand what young professionals need to grow
  • Balance their own work while trying to keep individual contributors actively engaged
  • Gain the coaching skills to effectively support individual contributors
  • Find the time to coach team members
  • Integrate their direct reports into the company culture
  • Spark engagement and help individual contributors build confidence
This disconnect between managers and individual contributors leads to a lack of employee engagement—which can have a huge impact on business success.
The total cost of losing an employee can
range from tens of thousands to 1.5-2X
annual salary.
Companies with high employee
engagement are 21% more profitable.
85% of employees are not engaged in the
So how can we close this disconnect and empower employees to succeed?
It’s time to cultivate more personalized corporate training options.

Introducing The Real-Time Learner Difference

At NimblyWise, we have a secret sauce that leads to participant success, long-term.

It’s called real-time learning.

As developing talent learns and adapts throughout the program and coaching, they grow from traditional learners into real-time learners.

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NimblyWise’s Transformative Approach

We Spoke with The Best in Education & Business.

To design our program and real-time learning framework, we collaborated with experts in business, education, coaching and psychology.

Together we identified key skills necessary to thrive at work, leading to greater overall engagement and mutual success!

Standard Training

The NimblyWise Approach

Research-Based, Expert-Led Programs That Provide Results

NimblyWise Clients with Big Results

Building Key Competencies for Mutual Success

Our coaches help participants tackle independent challenges relating to these competencies and more, leading to mutual success for both participants and the organization.

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NimblyWise Personalizes the Employee Experience

We offer a 6-month long personalized program that meets employees where they need the most support in their development.
Each individual is different, so NimblyWise coaches craft 1-on-1 coaching strategies that are unique to each participant wherever they are in their career journey—with a focus on real-time learning throughout.
Our programs help individual contributors navigate the complex nature of the world of work, helping drive higher levels of engagement and retention!

"94% of employees say that they would stay at a company longer if it
simply invested in helping them learn…"
- LinkedIn

What’s Included


Months 1-2

Learn & Apply

Months 3-5

Apply & Reflect

Months 6+

Who We Work With

We believe all individual contributors can benefit from our program.

We do recommend employers start with one or more of the below groups for highest organizational impact:

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