Real-Time Learning for Professionals

Emerging professionals with strong communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills are difficult to find, and failure to upskill your staff can lead to tension between managers and employees. What’s more, emerging professionals are hungry for learning opportunities—53% of Millennials report dissatisfaction with professional development at their new job. Cultivating real-time learning skills is an integral part of boosting productivity, innovation, and retention.

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The NimblyWise Program

NimblyWise offers a tailored program to build your employees’ real-time learning muscles. Not only will we work to build discrete skills, we’ll help your employees learn how to overcome their own challenges and take ownership over their own growth. Outcomes can be tailored to meet your organization’s unique strategic goals.

Real-time Learning Proprietary Self Assessment

Baseline your employees' skills so they can learn about how they approach challenges

Individual Coaching

10 sessions using the real-time learning framework to work through challenges and promote professional development

Group Workshops

1-hour virtual workshops facilitated by experienced professionals

Access to NimblyWise’s e-Learning Portal

Learning modules for direct instruction of soft skills and reflection activities

Real-time Learning Certificate upon program completion


Fixing Common Problems through Real-Time Learning

High-direction employees are a drain for managers and team members alike. Support emerging professionals by addressing common complaints at their root cause. Cultivate the Real-Time Learning habits that empower your entire team to thrive!
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"Things just keep changing around here."

Constant change is the norm

graphic02 woman

"I'm frustrated and my manager is too busy"

Successful employees can solve problems and find ways to move projects along independently.


"This was NOT in my job description.

Workers must learn and adjust in real-time.


"I don't know how to complete this project. I need more training.

Real-time learners anticipate upcoming change and proactively adapt their skills.

“This employee is more likely to take appropriate action without specific direction and assesses situations to determine the best course of action utilizing her experience from previous encounters. She takes the lead in developing possible solutions and seeks appropriate feedback. She is more actively managing her relationships with me and her colleagues.”
- Recent Program Participant.

The Current Model for Workplace Learning Isn’t Working

The ineffectiveness of one-shot training costs companies valuable time and resources, and leaves employees feeling frustrated.

Experts believe the key to overcoming these challenges is to deepen the learning experience through multiple sessions over time and regular coaching. Research has found that a strong culture of coaching leads to increased employee engagement and higher revenue levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our coaches on staff are certified through the International Coach Federation (ICF). In some cases, we also have experienced business professionals serve as coaches. This often depends on the specific desires and needs of the corporations we are partnering with.

We typically offer 6-12 month engagements with corporations. We find that the path to becoming a real-time learner does take a bit of time, practice, and support. As employees experience challenges at work and require support from a coach to work through those challenges, they are also learning a framework to approach challenges independently and more effectively so they can be best set up for success once the program ends.

The program is specifically designed NOT to require many hours of dedicated work each week. We are mindful of business priorities. During the first few months of the program, a participant may spend 1-1.5 hours per week. As they learn the real-time learning framework and the frequency of individual coaching sessions decrease, they may spend closer to 30-45 minutes per week.

Our program is not a point solution where employees are sent to training and then return to their job and expected to integrate learning into their day-to-day. Instead, it has four elements that work together to best support the employee’s development – 

  1. Real-time Learning Baseline Assessment
  2. Individual Coaching
  3. Group Workshops
  4. NimblyWise’s e-Learning Portal

Absolutely. Before we begin this program with your selected group of employees, we will meet with your business leaders to understand specific challenges employees may be facing, and if our program does not already address these topics, we are glad to incorporate them.

It depends. In some cases, corporations appreciate a mix of their own employees and those from other companies. The benefit of this is learning from each other and hearing the challenges others are facing and what approaches work and haven’t worked. In other cases, companies prefer to use these workshops as a way for employees to develop rapport and camaraderie internally. We can accommodate either approach.

Workshops are facilitated by coaches or experienced business leaders; it depends on the topic of the workshop.

The most important role managers play is to be 100% supportive of their employees’ growth and development while they are participating in this program. Having managers provide helpful feedback to these employees throughout the program is highly encouraged.

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